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BURNING ANNIE [Hall] finally hits theaters in NYC! [Jan. 25th, 2007|08:14 pm]
diane keaton fans
* Burning Annie hits theaters!
 NYC engagement begins Feb 7 at the Pioneer  *  Hello fans and supporters! After years and years of work, 18 film festival appearances, and six awards, I am psyched to announce Burning Annie will be playing at the Pioneer Theater in New York City starting on February 7...!
  • The Pioneer Theater
  • opens February 7, 2007
  • 155 East 3rd Street
  • (between Avenues A and B)
  • New York City
  • Showtimes (212) 591-0434
  • Advanced tickets: (800) 595-4849
  Please tell your friends in NYC! Each screening will be followed by a Q&A with the writer, co-director, and/or producer(s) and maybe even some cast. After-party to follow opening night and weekend shows. Group discounts available.   We couldn't have done it without all your help!!!
  • Burning Annie
  • Directed by Van Flesher
  • Written by Zack Ordynans
  • Produced by Randy Mack
  • College student Max (Gary Lundy of Donnie Darko) lives and breathes Woody Allen's seminal film, Annie Hall. In fact, Max believes the movie's message underscores the ultimate futility of romance. But just when Max begins to suspect that the movie is ruining his love life, a girl (Sara Downing of TV's "Roswell") who seems to be the modern incarnation of Annie Hall herself turns his world topsy-turvy. Meanwhile Max's friends—including Kim Murphy ("24"), Brian Klugman (Can't Hardly Wait), Jay Paulson (Go), Todd Duffey (Office Space), and Rini Bell (Jarhead, Ghost World)—must confront their own difficulties with the opposite sex.
  • This dark romantic comedy transcends homage as an original, unflinching, scathingly funny, bittersweet satire of modern love in the media age.
See ya at the theater! _Randy (Mack) co-writer/co-director/producer Armak Productions


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